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Examining the In-Situ Aqua TROLL® 600 Multiparamter Sonde

The In-Situ Aqua TROLL® 600 Multiparameter Sonde is a versatile device with a lengthy battery life capable of testing in fresh water or salt water and for long-term or short-term deployments. The Aqua TROLL® 600 connects via Bluetooth with the VuSitu™ Mobile Smartphone App and includes an LCD display for checking overall probe functionality. This ground-breaking Sonde offers low maintenance costs and the ability to handle a variety of applications with its multiple sensor configurations.

One Tool, Many Applications

The base sensor configuration includes EPA-approved optical RDO, pH/ORP, turbidity, conductivity, as well as temperature and pressure. If your needs extend beyond those options, In-Situ recently released additional filters for monitoring Ammonium, Nitrate and Chloride ISE.

The Aqua TROLL® 600’s Ammonium Sensor automatically derives ammonia and total ammonia when used along-side a pH/ORP sensor. In-Situ sensors are designed to operate at higher depths/pressures and have a greater measurement range than competing sensors.

While many traditional ISE sensors tend to drift within hours to days, In-Situ sensors show minimal drift after more than a month of deployment.

A Sonde that Virtually Runs on Its Own 

The Aqua TROLL® 600 lasts for 9+ months on replaceable Alkaline D batteries. A sub-2-inch active and passive antifouling system, which runs on all sensors including conductivity, reduces the need for frequent calibrations. In-Situ recommends a monthly 2-point calibration on the sensors with no iso-thermal calibration necessary.

The Aqua TROLL® 600 offers a lengthy battery life, connectivity to a mobile app, multiple sensors with an active and passive antifouling system and an LCD display. This cutting-edge device can cover a wide-array of measurement needs while making less of an impact on your budget than many competing products.

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