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Dam and Reservoir Gates and Valves


Radial Gates

“Taintor” type radial gates are gates with a pivoting section which be located in channels and dam spillways either as control elements for water levels or as regulation and discharge elements in deepwater outlets of dams.

All ORBINOX gates are designed for the specific service conditions of each particular case.  The structural evaluation is performed using the finite elements method and CAD modeling systems.


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Bonneted Gate Valves

Bonneted gate valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with “Bureau of Reclamation” standards, always with a rectangular geometry, which is generally located on bottom or mid-bottom water outlet conduits, embedded in concrete with the exception of the actuator.


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Fixed Cone Valve

Valve normally used for closing and regulating bottom and intermediate water outlets of dams and reservoirs as well as a turbine bypass valve in hydroelectric power stations. The fixed cone valve discharges directly into the atmosphere.  This valve releases a hollow cone shaped jet (fan or spray type jet). Upon contact with the air, the energy is dissipated by mixing with the air. The water is normally collected downstream in a stilling pool.


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