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CC Lynch Welcomes Danny Hutcherson as Newest Water Monitoring Expert

C.C. Lynch & Associates is proud to announce that Danny Hutcherson has joined our team.

Danny has served the water and wastewater industry for 40 years. Initially, Danny will serve as our Drinking Water expert; presenting on-line techniques for monitoring water from its source, across process treatment and throughout distribution. His role will add value for customers in need of a routine analyzer or cutting-edge technology.Danny_hutcherson

Danny’s interest in science started at a young age.

“I would take things apart just to see how it worked.  I guess that was the early signs of being a scientist. I would get encyclopedias off the shelf and read about how stuff works.  I’ve always enjoyed exploring,” he said.

After declining an appointment to the US Naval Academy so he could stay home with his high school sweetheart, he attended East Mississippi Junior College; and later, Livingston University. He was the first to graduate from their Environmental Science program.

From there, he landed his first job with the Mississippi Department of Health in 1977.  One of his responsibilities was drinking water sampling.  He also trained operators on the Safe Drinking Water Act.  Later, he became an instructor at EMCC, teaching water and wastewater treatment operation.

His advice from this experience: “if you want to learn something, teach it.”

He went on to work for Hach for nearly 30 years.  His role in “sales” was just like teaching, only he would travel to the students.  He did a lot of research and study to find the best answer to a problem or need.  But over the years, his role steered further away from direct customer involvement.

“I joined CC lynch so that I could get back to calling on plants, helping customers solve problems and build long-term relationships.  CC Lynch is completely customer focused, which was why I saw it as a great fit.”

The drinking water industry has been a good career.

“I have learned a lot in 40 years.  Most of my learning happened in water plants all over the world; solving problems.  Not by myself, but as a team, including operators, lab technicians, managers, regulators, engineers, other salespeople, world-renowned experts and even passengers on airplanes.”

One of Zig Ziglars quotes, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” rings true for him.

“At this point in my career, I want to give back some of the experience I’ve gained in hope that the next generation of water professionals will continue to provide abundant safe water for years to come,” he said.

Please feel free to reach him by email at Danny@cclynch.com or request a consultation.

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