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5 Key Features to Look for in a Multiparameter Sonde

Before multiparameter sondes, water monitoring professionals carried a number of single sensor meters, colorimeter kits and a secchi disk to the field.  Water quality data was manually gathered, archived and managed. Sondes have became a preferred technique; both for spot-checking, profile applications and unattended continuous recorders. Until recently, the thrust of sonde innovation centered on…

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Solar Power for Flow Monitoring without AC. No Power No Problem.

Solar power arrangements for flow monitoring systems can be an effective remedy for remote locations where power is often unavailable, or too time consuming / expensive to run. Several models of flow meters, auto samplers and water quality analyzers come in models that can operate on 12 or 24 VDC. A solar power system mainly…

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Water Quality Monitoring With Remote Data Access

The need for remote data access for water quality monitoring stations is on the rise. Not only is there a significant cost involved in sending personnel into the field but there are also safety concerns in working in, over, and near the water. In addition, staff shortages can result in “stretching” out the time between…

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Battery Maintenance for Solar Panel Systems

Battery maintenance for solar panel systems is an easy way to maintain reliable service and extend equipment lifespan. Solar panel power arrangements are practically maintenance free…practically. We recommend an inspection routine at least annually – to help intercept problems before they happen and prolong the life of the battery.

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Remote Flow Measurement and Sampling Application

Some discharge permits require flow measurement and sampling in highly remote areas.  These locations have no other option than to use a solar panel and battery as a source of power.  There are many options in selecting equipment for a 12 volt powered system and careful planning is required.

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Monitoring Water Level At Remote Locations

If you need to monitor water level and rainfall at remote locations it can be done for under $2500 with the In-Situ, Inc. TROLL Link 101 and LevelTROLL.  The TROLL Link 101 is a GSM cell modem based system that can transmit data from LevelTROLLs, AquaTROLLs, and TROLL 9500’s to a secure data center hosted…

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Solar Panel Batteries and Temperature

In our October blog, we suggested that you err on the side of larger when sizing solar panels and batteries. One reason is that solar panel batteries are greatly affected by temperature; and only one part of this story is good.

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Real Time Water Quality Monitoring on Rivers

Long term water quality monitoring on rivers can be an arduous chore; and very expensive.  The cost of sending teammates into the field continues to skyrocket, especially when it is over water; not to mention the inherent safety concerns. All this for what amounts to a ‘snap-shot’ of water quality at the time of measurement…

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Real-time Water Tower Pressure Monitoring Via the Web

It is as simple as connecting a sensor to an existing tap at the water tower or on a water line within the distribution system and powering up the modem and you can access your water tank  pressures or distribution system pressures on the Internet.  

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