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Teledyne Isco Refrigerated Sampler Trade In Offer

C.C. Lynch customers can trade in a Teledyne Isco or competitors’ refrigerated sampler for a $700 discount off the purchase of a new 5800 Sampler. Offer is valid until December 13, 2013. Call your representative or 800.333.2252 for more details.

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Special Offer on New Teledyne Isco 6712 Portable Sampler

Take advantage of this special offer on the new 6712 Portable Sampler and save $500!  For a limited time members of the Region 6 Pretreatment Coordinator’s customer loyalty program can take $500 off the purchase of a new 6712 portable sampler. This offer expires on September 27th, 2013.  Orders received after this date are eligible…

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Teledyne Isco Refrigerated Sampler Trade-In Program

For the first quarter of 2013 Teledyne Isco is running a refrigerated sampler trade-in program. Customers can trade in their refrigerated samplers, Isco or competitors’ brand, for $700 towards the purchase of a new Isco 5800 refrigerated sampler.  The age of the sampler does not matter.  We only ask that the sampler trade in unit…

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The New Isco 5800 Refrigerated Sampler

Beginning in October 2012 Teledyne Isco will begin shipping their newest addition to the refrigerated sampler market, the Isco 5800 Refrigerated Sampler. This sampler will replace and expand upon the modular concept that was used with the Isco 4700 Refrigerated Sampler. All of the same features found on the 4700 are still available so there…

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Save Over 60% On Turbidity Calibration Standards For Hach 1720c/d/e Users

With the ongoing high cost of Hach turbidity calibration standards and Hach service contracts, an alternative is finally available.  For the remainder of 2012, HF Scientific is offering their ProCal Primary Turbidity Standard which is EPA approved for Hach 1720c/e/d turbidimeters at 50% off of list price, the equivalent of 64% less than 1 Liter…

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C.C. Lynch is Blogging

C.C. Lynch is pleased to announce that we are joining the blogosphere. We believe that a well written and maintained blog will become a great resource for our current and future customers. It is our goal to create a blog which will become an industry resource.  If you have a blog topic, please do not hesitate…

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