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Groundwater Monitoring

5 Ways to Improve Groundwater Sampling and Testing at Fracking Sites

Originally providing instrumentation for in-situ uranium mining, In-Situ®Inc. understands groundwater—-from groundwater sampling to aquifer testing.  If you are looking for proven methods and reliable equipment to meet regulations for hydraulic fracturing we recommend partnering with a company, like In-Situ®Inc. that’s been working with mining professionals since 1976.  In-Situ has shared with us 5 ways to improve groundwater sampling…

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Aquatic Sensor Workgroup Guidance Documents

The Aquatic Sensor Workgroup is a public-private partnership of water-quality monitoring agencies, industry, and   academia whose mission is to ensure that water-quality data collected by sensors are of known and documented quality.  They have published several guidance documents that benefit anyone using or preparing to use water quality monitoring sensors for surface water or groundwater monitoring applications.

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