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Automatic Samplers

How to Stretch Equipment Budget Dollars

How to Stretch Equipment Budget Dollars: Consider Used, Surplus, and Demonstration Equipment Water Monitoring equipment is key to treatment process optimization and compliance. Most budgets scream ‘do more with less”; and thus, the battle for equipment dollars is often more of a continual grind. Sure makes it hard to monitor all the points of measurement…

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Ultra Low-Flow Strainers for ISCO Sampler

ISCO’s Special Products Department has developed both 3/8” and ¼” strainers for ultra low-flow applications. PN 60-5304-719 – SPA 719 – $176.00 is a 3/8-inch stainless steel strainer with Three 3/8-inch holes oriented toward bottom via a 2-inch square plate. It is 7-inches long and is 7/8-inch tall.

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Teledyne Isco Refrigerated Sampler Trade In Offer

C.C. Lynch customers can trade in a Teledyne Isco or competitors’ refrigerated sampler for a $700 discount off the purchase of a new 5800 Sampler. Offer is valid until December 13, 2013. Call your representative or 800.333.2252 for more details.

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Extend the Life of Your Refrigerated Sampler

The FR series refrigerated samplers by Isco are designed for long life in harsh outdoor environments.  The UV protected fiberglass outer shell and powder coated metal components make the FR the perfect selection for all outdoor applications.  Most FR units easily last 10 years, but there are few things that you can do to extend the life…

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Remote Flow Measurement and Sampling Application

Some discharge permits require flow measurement and sampling in highly remote areas.  These locations have no other option than to use a solar panel and battery as a source of power.  There are many options in selecting equipment for a 12 volt powered system and careful planning is required.

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The New Isco 5800 Refrigerated Sampler

Beginning in October 2012 Teledyne Isco will begin shipping their newest addition to the refrigerated sampler market, the Isco 5800 Refrigerated Sampler. This sampler will replace and expand upon the modular concept that was used with the Isco 4700 Refrigerated Sampler. All of the same features found on the 4700 are still available so there…

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Stormwater Sampling System Equipment & Example Site Video

Stormwater sampling presents a number of challenges to the municipality, researcher, consultant, or industrial user whether the sampling is required by permit or if the sampling is part of a research project.  Many times the sampling location is remote, or, even if it is close, it may not be visited on a daily basis to…

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