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C.C. LYNCH Adds New EPA Approved Turbidimeters for Surface Water Treatment

We are pleased to announce an addition to our line card. CC Lynch will now carry Lovibond PTV-1000 and PTV-2000 turbidimeters. The PTV Series offers industry-leading accuracy, low water use, easy maintenance and accessible reporting via a smartphone application.

A Better Analyzer

For decades, EPA Approved Turbidimeters have been dominated by a single manufacturer. So Lovibond enlisted globally recognized turbidity experts, and every aspect of the turbidity measurement was reconsidered and improved.  The PTV-1000 and PTV-2000  provide superior range, accuracy, and responsiveness; with an unmatched ease of use.

A Cure for Turbidity Headaches

The PTV has built-in cures for common turbidimeter issues; such as bubbles, dissolved gas, color and stray light. The low volume flow body means quicker cleaning and calibration; and far less chemical standards and water-waste.

User Interface

A touchscreen interface with an iPad or smartphone displays and controls every aspect of the system; on any number of devices.  The mobile app steps users through every step of operation and calibration. Click here to download the free app and see how much easier the operation and calibration can be.

About Lovibond

LOVIBOND is a leading supplier of water analysis product for over 130 years.  US operations are based in Sarasota, FL and Fort Collins, CO.  Lovibond provides instruments, reagents, color measurement and now, on-line turbidity analyzers. See http://lovibond.us/

About CC Lynch

C.C. LYNCH & ASSOCIATES is a full-service sales agency specializing in water monitoring devices; for over 50 years.  Core competencies include autosamplers, flow measurement and water quality; in the field, lab and online. See www.cclynch.com

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