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The best magmeter for potable water applications

ElectroMagnetic Flowmeters, or magmeters, have long earned their reputation for metering flow of water and wastewater in closed-pipe applications.  When properly applied, the accuracy can be within fractions of 1 percent.  Magmeters are calibrated on a laboratory flow stand and hold NIST Traceable Calibration Certificates.

For potable water metering, magmeters offer no moving parts, filters / screens. This reduces service frequency and lost accuracy due to wear and tear.

In design, proper straight run diameters, up and downstream, are important to create a more uniform velocity profile within the flow metering tube. For potable water applications, Krohne has innovated the WaterFlux Magnetic Flow meter with a rectangular cross section, versus full bore opening.

The result is a much improved velocity profile within the magnetic field. It yields greater accuracy at 0.2% percent plus exceptional sensitivity on the low end (pump off, night flows).

Often, the  metering location is too close to a pump or valve, or the line has little to no straight run of pipe, before it goes through the wall or into the ground. The Waterflux design eliminates the need for straight run diameters. Zero D!

The Waterflux has such low power consumption, it offers battery operated versions, as well as remote display and 120 vac service.

The Waterflux can be ordered with a special coating for direct burial.


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