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Announcing Our New Partnership with Trimble Water

In September 2018, CC Lynch formed a partnership with Trimble Water, a producer of water pressure monitoring devices, asset management software and remote leak detection solutions.

Trey Campbell, CC Lynch President, said, “Our Trimble Water Partnership folds in additional products and services to address critical issues facing water utilities; such as water loss, leak detection and pressure monitoring.” CC Lynch will distribute and service the Trimble Water smart water software platform Unity, Telog remote meters and Trimble Water’s newest product offering for Leak Detection.

Trimble UnityWireless leak detection software

Trimble Unity is a cloud-based, GIS-centric Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that offers a suite of applications and tools for the water, wastewater, storm water and the environmental water industry. Trimble Unity provides customers with situational awareness of water and wastewater utility asset performance—offering a single view of remote monitoring data, performance measurement reports, GIS, operational data, asset conditions and events.

Trimble Unity can be integrated with existing back office customer service and asset management systems, providing a single GIS-centric field solution across an entire workforce.

Telog Remote Monitoring

Real-time monitoring begins with the Telog 32 and 33 Series families of wireless Recording Telemetry Units (RTU). Telog’s Ru-32 & Ru-32m provide real-time monitoring and alarming of pressure, flow sensors and meters in harsh underground environments typical of water distribution systems. The Ru-33 is the data collection device made specifically for the harsh environments of sewers and underground water vaults, while the Telog RS-33 and RS-33u operate above ground in conjunction with a multi-channel recorder.

Leak sensor

LeakManager and LeakLocator

mobile leak detection

The LeakManager solution combines both correlating sensors and cloud software to monitor, detect and analyze leaks. The Telog LDR-32 Leak Detection Sensor hardware combined with the Trimble Unity LeakManager software provides a clear, accurate and updated picture of the condition and integrity of the water network. The solution informs the user when a leak is starting to develop, giving its exact position, long before any significant damage is caused.

The LeakLocator is an all in one, innovative mobile leak detection system.The solution brings the smartphone revolution to leak detection. It combines advanced acoustic detection principles with the power of cloud processing for accurate leak correlation and location. It provides leak detection and repair crews with the tools they need to accurately pinpoint and repair leaks, enabling efficient leak detection investigations.

About Trimble’s Water Division

Trimble’s Water Division focuses on solving key challenges that water, wastewater and stormwater utilities face as their infrastructure ages: flooding, droughts, and other environmental issues, and increases in customer demand. Trimble’s solutions enable utilities to assess, monitor, inspect and manage their network in real-time—saving costs, reducing water loss, enhancing asset performance while improving regulatory compliance and customer service.

For more information about Trimble’s Water solutions, visit:  www.TrimbleWater.com.

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