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A Solution for Excessive Approach Velocity in Flumes – The Energy Absorbing Manhole

Excessive approach velocity caused by pump flow or steep pipe slopes can be an issue in some flume applications. One of the tools we have to solve this problem is the Plasti-Fab Energy Absorbing Manhole Brochure.

The manhole features an energy absorbing plate that is slightly larger than the incoming line. The water hits this plate, energy is dissipated, and the velocity is decreased. Wing walls then transition the flow into the exit pipe. The EAM is typically placed a few feet upstream of the metering manhole and ensures that the velocity into the flume is sub-critical.

The EAM is designed to be self cleaning and requires no maintenance. The manhole is manufactured with single piece construction and has an interior gel coat that is resistant to corrosion, scaling, and organic growth. Like all Plasti-Fab products it comes with a standard 25 year corrosion warranty.

For help in determining if excessive approach velocity is an issue in your application please, contact your nearest representative.


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