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6 Reasons You’ll Love Lovibond Turbidimeters

In recent years, many leading turbidimeter vendors have discontinued their models. This change has raised servicing costs and reduced the availability of replacement parts.

In September 2017, Lovibond, part of the Tintometer group, released two turbidimeters, the PTV 1000 and the PTV 2000. After researching and testing the products, the C.C. Lynch team was impressed.

The EPA-approved Lovibond PTV series proved highly accurate in low-range applications, offered easier cleanup and maintenance, consumed less water, connected to a user-friendly smartphone application and provided a quick installation process.

1. Unsurpassed Low Range Accuracy

The PTV Series turbidimeters include a long-lasting LED source and patent-pending bubble exclusion system which work to maximize reporting accuracy and stability. A heated optical assembly eliminates condensation and fogging—no need for desiccants. In addition, the system’s low-volume flow body ensures a quick response to turbidity spikes.

2. Save Time on Cleaning & Maintenance

Lovibond designed the PTV Series with a small cell body. This feature makes the unit easier to clean and calibrate. Also, quick-connect fixtures allow the flow body to be quickly drained for cleaning.  These fixtures can come in handy for drawing grab samples as well.

3. Conserve Water

The PTV Series’ low-volume flow body has 70 percent less volume than competing units. The instrument’s optimal flow rate, 30 to 150 ml per minute, saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water over the turbidimeter’s lifetime versus competing models.

4. No Need to Worry About EPA or ISO Compliance

The PTV Series turbidimeters received EPA approval in July 2017. In addition, Lovibond ensured their TCAL Turbidity Standards for calibration and verification were both EPA and ISO compliant.

5. Access Data and Operator Instructions on a Smartphone App

The AquaLXP Smartphone Application connects to an unlimited number of devices, eliminating the need for assigning a controller to each turbidimeter. The app hooks up to units via Bluetooth or a USB connection. Controllers can access measurements and view system anomalies. The app also walks users through every step involved in operating and calibrating the instrument. For brand new controllers, the app can help speed up the onboarding process as training can take place on a familiar device.

Click here to download the free app and see how much easier the operation can be.

6. Quickly Retrofit Existing or Discontinued Turbidimeters

Retrofitting existing turbidimeters with the PTV 1000 or 2000 requires simply adding quarter-inch tubing and snap fittings to your current setup.


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