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6 Benefits of Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters

According to the American Water Works Association, public water systems lose approximately $2.8 billion in annual revenue from water loss.

Non-Revenue Water (NRW), combined with the environmental impact, has drinking water specialists looking for more flexible and accurate flow measurement technologies to locate, and  quantify, sources of loss.


The Transit Time Ultrasonic technique provides a non-intrusive “Clamp-On” sensor set which is fastened to the outside of a full pipe. While the Clamp-On technique has been available for many years, technology improvements in sensors and electronics have improved dramatically.  So much so, Clamp-On Ultrasonic has become the fastest growing measurement technique for closed pipe flow measurement.  


1. Very accurate measurements

Some Clamp-On Ultrasonics are sensitive enough to sense leak detection and night flow; as low as 0.03 ft/second. This meets AWWA C750-10 and AWWA M36 requirements. The ability to add multiple sensor sets allows for precision accuracy on larger diameter lines; or complex hydraulics.

2. Non- downtime to install

Clamp-on ultrasonics are the easiest technique to install.  There is no cutting the pipe, or tapping; a stainless steel strap secures the sensors to the pipe wall.  This means no down time, no open and drain; no by-pass and no pipe work. Often, construction savings are enough to pay for the meter.

3. Less maintenance

The non-invasive technique means sensing devices are not contacting the flow and there are no moving parts so there is no head loss, no obstruction, no sensor build-up, and no wear and tear. There are no adverse effects on corrosion protection, pipe lining and coating remain intact.

4. Improved sensor technology

Some Clamp-On models carry NIST calibration certification; ASME and ANSI credentials. On billing locations, sensors can easily shipped back to the factory for recertification – try doing that with a mag meter.

5. Permanent and portable models

Clamp On Ultrasonics are available in stationary and portable models.   Portable models  are an excellent tool for validating existing meters in process or distribution; or for temporary flow studies.

6. Use for both drinking water and wastewater measurements

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters work great for portable water, including source and treatment distribution. They can also be used for wastewater sewer collection and treatment process.


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