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5 Ways to Improve Groundwater Sampling and Testing at Fracking Sites

Originally providing instrumentation for in-situ uranium mining, In-Situ®Inc. understands groundwater—-from groundwater sampling to aquifer testing.  If you are looking for proven methods and reliable equipment to meet regulations for hydraulic fracturing we recommend partnering with a company, like In-Situ®Inc. that’s been working with mining professionals since 1976.  In-Situ has shared with us 5 ways to improve groundwater sampling and testing at fracking sites.

1.    Avoid Repeat Sampling Events

Meet regulatory requirements for sampling by using the new smarTROLLTMLow-Flow Sampling System. The smarTROLL Multiparameter Handheld measures up to 14 parameters and wirelessly transmits data to your iPhone®. The iSitu® App:

  • Guides you through sampling setup, calibrations, and data collection
  • Stores details of purge conditions including flow rate and field parameter stabilization to demonstrate representativeness of samples
  • Logs data to your smartphone—-export to Excel
  • Generates digital calibration and sample reports—-no more transcription errors

Watch the smarTROLL low-flow sampling tutorial and the smarTROLL MP Handheld video.

2.    Measure Hydrologic Properties, Economically

Need to determine depth to water, hydraulic gradient, hydraulic conductivity, or potentiometric surface? In-Situ Inc.’s Rugged Water Level Tapes and Rugged TROLL Data Loggers perform reliably under tough field conditions.

3.    Streamline Aquifer Characterization Tests

In-Situ Inc. offers water level data loggers for slug tests and pumping tests. Need to monitor an entire well field? The Virtual HERMIT®Aquifer Testing Kit allows you to simultaneously configure, start, step, and stop up to 15 Level TROLL® 700 Data Loggers.

4.    Monitor Methane and Fracking Fluid Surrogates in Real Time

By establishing pollutant-surrogate relationships, it’s possible to monitor methane and fracking fluid breakthroughs. You can set up real-time water quality monitoring networks and receive alarm notifications. Read a white paper and learn how surrogate monitoring might work for you.

5.    Call In-Situ Rentals

Need equipment for short-term projects? In-Situ Rentals delivers factory-maintained and calibrated equipment. Our knowledgeable team offers free consultations to ensure that you receive the right equipment for your project.

Want to demo the new smarTROLL Handheld with iPhone App?  Contact In-Situ today for a free quotation or call 800-446-7488.


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