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Sales & Service of Environmental Instrumentation

From a basic composite sampler, to the most sophisticated water monitoring instrument or quality analyzer, our sales and service teams get your environmental instrumentation up and running and keep it online and maintained with precision. Our professional sales team serve the Gulf States region of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Panhandle of Florida.  Beyond sales, routine flow meter calibration and instrument maintenance are a big part of our service teams business. We keep you in compliance and assist with operator training and record keeping services.

We provide temporary studies from meter validation, plant flow balance, all the way to load characterization; and our environmental instrument rental pool is often a more convenient option for owners, agencies and their engineers. Turn-key monitoring stations are a good option when your team is spread thin.

We guarantee to pair you with a professional who has the expertise to set up, install and complete your order.


 Influent and effluent flow measurement, water quality  and sampling.

Surface Water

 Storm water monitoring, MS-4 Stations, stream and river discharge.

Sewer Collection

 Sewer flow for billing, CMOM, I & I, SSO Detection and Industrial Pre-Treatment.

Drinking Water

 We cover the lab and distribution system, all the way to the last spigot.


 Incoming Water, wastewater process, compliance, storm water and ground water.


 Level monitoring, flow measuerement, on-line water quality and automatic sampling.

Sewer Collection Flow Meter


From a basic composite sampler, to the most sophisticated water quality analyzer, our service teams get your equipment up and running, and keep it there.

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ISCO Ultrasonic Drinking Water Flow Meter

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