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C.C. Lynch & Associates, Inc. is a sales and service agency specializing in water monitoring devices and services. Founded in 1966, employee-owned CCLA has been under current management team since 1993.

Corporate offices are located in Pass Christian, Mississippi; with teammates peppered across the Gulf South States.

From a basic composite sampler, to the most sophisticated water monitoring instrument or quality analyzer, our sales and service teams get your environmental instrumentation up and running and keep it online and maintained with precision. Our professional sales team serve the Gulf States region of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Panhandle of Florida. Beyond sales, routine flow meter calibration and instrument maintenance are a big part of our service teams business. We keep you in compliance and assist with operator training and record keeping services.

We provide temporary studies from meter validation, plant flow balance, all the way to load characterization; and our environmental instrument rental pool is often a more convenient option when your team is spread thin.

Markets Served

Surface Water

Instruments and analyzers to monitor the quality and quantity of surface water; including Flow Discharge, Storm Water Run-off, Water Level Recorders. 


Waste Water

Instruments and analyzers to monitor wastewater treatment processes and permit compliance monitoring.

Sewer Collection

Instruments and analyzers to monitor sewer within the collections systems; including full-pipe and open channel flow, H2S + Monitoring & Alarm, Pretreatment Monitoring. 

Drinking Water

Instruments and analyzers to monitor source protection, conveyance, treatment processes, permit compliance reporting and distribution systems. 

Ground Water

Instruments and analyzers to monitor groundwater; such as aquifer testing, low flow sampling, water level and quality recorders. 


Instruments and analyzers to monitor industrial water and wastewater; for plant balance, treatment optimization and permit compliance reporting. 

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