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Welcome FLEXIM to Our Product Line

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We at CC Lynch and Associates are excited about our newest flow meter for drinking water, wastewater and thermal energy monitoring; by FLEXIM.

FLEXIM offers portable and permanent metering solutions with external pipe “clamp-on” technology and ultrasonic sound.

Advantages of FLEXIM ultrasonic clamp-on meters include:

  • Quick and Easy Installation without process interruption or flow by-pass
  • Low installation and operation costs (independent of pipe pressure and size)
  • Non-intrusive sensing, no moving parts
  • AWWA Approved, ASME MFC 5M and ANSI C750 Compliant
  • Sensors NIST Traceable Calibration. Easily recalibrated back at the factory
  • Pipe Diameter: 0.25 in to 256 in.
  • Range:  0.01 ft/sec to 80 ft/sec.
  • Accuracy:   Better than +/- 1% ‘out of box’, capable of +/- 0.25%
  • Sensitive enough for night flows, leak detection, water loss, non-revenue water audits
  • Stable and reliable measuring results even under difficult conditions through unique adaptive signal processing
  • SCADA ready; plus internal data logger

Application Guarantee:  If it doesn’t work, Flexim will take it back.

Check out our Flow Meter pages or Contact Us to learn more about FLEXIM Flow Meters.


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FLEXUS F601 Multifunctional Portable Meter FLEXUS F704 Permanent Installing Flow Meter
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