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Leakage of treated water from distribution networks is a major problem for Water Utilities. Aging assets, severe weather and water hammers result in a constant battle to manage water loss. To address this challenge, Trimble Water now offer a unique family of advanced leak detection capabilities as part of our Trimble Unity solutions.



The solution combines both correlating sensors and cloud software to monitor, detect
and analyze leaks. 
The Telog LDR-32 Leak Detection Sensor hardware combined with the Trimble Unity LeakManager software provides a clear, accurate and updated picture of the condition and integrity of the water network. The solution informs the user when a leak is starting to develop, giving its exact position, long before any significant damage is caused.



Proactive leak monitoring to reduce non-revenue water loss

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Comprehensive Solution
Includes sensors, communications, intuitive cloud application and services

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Cellular based
Eliminate costly radio infrastructure and provide higher bandwidth for data transfer

Minimize False Positives
Innovative continuous correlation technology providing authoritative results

Reduce Main Burst & Repair Costs
Proactively monitor and detect small leaks (1.5mm) in size as they appear before significant damage is caused



Telog LDR-32
Leak Detection Sensor


Trimble Unity LeakManager
GIS cloud based software to manage, analyze, visualize leak alerts and prioritize repairs

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