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Equipment Rental

Equipment rental is an attractive option for short-term projects; or when you want to maintain direct project cost allocation. CC Lynch maintains dozens of auto samplers and open channel flow meters. Also many of our manufacturers have rental programs to plug in additional equipment when your project needs arise.

Environmental equipment rentals include the following listed below

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hand held measuring device

In-Situ, Inc.

LevelTROLLs 400, 500, and 700s

Virtual Hermit Pump Test Kit

AquaTROLL 100 and 200

TROLL 9500 Multiparameter Sonde

TROll 9500 Low Flow System

Teledyne Isco

Portable Samplers

Refrigerated Samplers

2100 Flow Modules

4200 Flow Meters

ADFM Flow Meters

digital camera scope
teledyne aquatic flow metering

Teledyne RD Instruments




*Offer discharge measurement service 
performed by factory trained technician



Emco Insertion Vortex Flow Meters

Controlotron /Siemens Clamp On Flow Meter

Various Telemetry Systems

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