Stream / River Flow Measurement

Stream flow measurement presents one of the most difficult flow measurement applications. Let our experience with unique technologies such as Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) guide you to finding a solution for your flow measurement needs.

StreamPro ADCP >>

ADCP for stream flow measurement

The StreamPro utilizes patented ADCP technology to measure stream discharge in channels less than 20 feet deep. The StreamPro measure velocities in discrete cells from top to bottom as the boat passes from one bank to the other mapping the streambed. Find out why Teledyne RDI’s patented technology excels over competitive ADCPs.

RiverPro ADCP >>

ADCP for stream flow measurement

The RiverPro is the newest auto-adaptive ADCP from Teledyne RDI. Designed for rivers and streams 20 centimeters to 25 meters deep. 20 Degree beam angles allow velocity data to be collected closer to the bottom. 600 kHz 5th beam collects true vertical velocity with calibrated RRSI and range to bottom. Fully integrated GPS for geo-referencing.

RiverRay ADCP >>

Stream Flow Measurement

The RiverRay is a user friendly ADCP that goes straight to work once it’s placed in the water. This unit selects which modes to operate in and makes mode changes as necessary on the fly.

Rio Grande ADCP >>

The Rio Grande ADCP used for stream flow measurement

Versatile ADCP designed to obtain discharge measurements from your own boat or using the reliable OceanScience boat. Provides high vertical resolution for vertical profiling.

ChannelMaster H-ADCP >>

ChannelMaster H-ADCP

Most commonly used as an index-velocity flow meter, this horizontal fixed mounted unit can be used for discharge measurements in canals or to monitor currents at potentially significant boat traffic lanes. Multiple frequencies are available covering a channel width from 3 feet up to 900 feet.


Vertical Acoustic Dopler Current Profiler

The Vertical Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (V-ADCP) is designed for the high-accuracy measurement of water flow, level and velocity profile in open channels, rivers, streams, and irrigation channels. The V-ADCP can be deployed as a self-contained instrument recording data for later use; as a real-time instrument for real-time measurements; or as a portable flow meter.