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Water Level Monitoring

From advanced aquifer characterization, to long-term monitoring, to economical data collection let our experience with various water level monitoring equipment help guide you to the right equipment for your water level monitoring needs. There is no need to rely on inferior or outdated equipment, we only sell and service the industries best water level monitoring equipment on the market.

Water Level Loggers, Pressure Transducers, Staff Gages

Level TROLL® 400, 500 & 700 Data Loggers

Submersible Water Level Monitoring
Rugged Data Loggers & Pressure Transducers

The In-Situ Level TROLL series offers a variety of instruments designed to meet your application and budget. From highly affordable applications with less stringent accuracy requirements all the way up to the highest accuracy available on the market. All Level TROLLs include onboard data-logging and carry a 3-year warranty. Capable of logging water level, temperature, and pressure.

Pressure transducers provide high accuracy yet economical solution for water level monitoring with a standard 4-20 mA output for simple interfacing with data loggers or controllers. Depth range 0-577 feet.


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SmartCover Level Measurement

Assessing Level Trends Remotely 

SmartCover® Systems™ provides leading Smart Infrastructure solutions enabling users to gain visibility into their water infrastructure. As part of the Internet of Things (IoT), remote sensors deliver real-time data via the high-reliability Iridium® Satellite system to secure servers where users have 24/7 access to data via any web browser device. This information provides essential management insights that enable informed and incisive decisions.

SmartCover® Systems™ offers a range of monitoring and data solutions that provides true visibility of remote sites. Users gain valuable insight into their system’s behavior enabling better operational and capital decisions.

SmartCover® Monitors are self-contained, turn-key solutions with
a control, sensor, battery pack, antenna and housing. They are
specifically designed for ongoing operations in harsh environments
such as wastewater.

The combination of two-year-plus battery packs and the exceptionally reliable Iridium Satellite System assures continuous operation and connectivity when most needed during the worst weather conditions.

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Composite Level Gage

High Quality Staff Gages

Flow Measurement

Plasti-Fab Composite FRP level gages are used to measure water or fluid levels from distances of 5’ or more. FRP gages have a long life and require no routine maintenance to maintain their functionality.

The Plasti-Fab line of gages are the premier gages available for measurement of fluids. All flume dimensions are guaranteed to be within 1/16”. All Composite materials are guaranteed against corrosion for 25 years.

  • Standard 1/4” thickness with custom thicknesses available
  • Premium grade isophthalic gel coat for long term corrosion resistance
  • “S” style stencil gage with large block lettering for easy reading
  • “P” style gage for smaller applications with various lettering styles available
  • Letter / numeral height and markings customized for each application
  • Impact resistant

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